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by ebbe
on Sep 21st, 2005

Ebbe och Anders hos tekniktaiwaneserna

lithanian-2005-041.jpg“ebbe och anders hos tekniktaiwaneserna”

Lithanian #4/2005, September 2005

This is article about Taiwan that I wrote togehter with Anders Frick who i met in Taiwan. Anders graduated from the same program as I’m currently on (MSc in Media Technologies and Engineering) recently and came to Taiwan on a IMBA scholarship. Because of our mutual background we wrote this article for Lithanien which is the monthly magazine of the students at Linköping University. This article is also in swedish.

The magazine where the article is published is available here (7.91 MB).

liu_small3.jpgThree years at LITH in Norrköping and one year at NTHU in Taiwan have passed and I’m finally at my last year of class rooms. After that I will have another 6 month of thesis work to conduct before graduation. At the time of writing do not know where I will do this final project leaving the door open for suggestions :)

During my time in school I’ve produced one or two things that I would like to share with my visitors. These are presented in my portfolio, please check it out!